Frequently Asked Questions

A helpful guide to some of our most asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of our most frequently asked questions into a helpful guide

Where are Horizon located?

You can find us at 77A Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, SY1 1UT. We are situated down the alley running between the Wyle Cop Cafe and The specialist Whiskey Shop. If you have any difficulties finding us please don’t hesitate to call 01743 612 032.

When are you open?

We are available for appointments 9 am till 7 pm weekdays and on weekends by special arrangement. All visits to Horizon Psychology must be booked in advance, we do not accept walk-in appointments. For all urgent or out of hours matters relating to mental or physical illness please contact your local healthcare provider.

Accepted methods of payment?

We encourage all of our clients to use standard online transfer facilities offered by their bank, alternatively we can accept cash and card providing it is pre-agreed before commencing therapy.

Is therapy always conducted face to face?

The majority of our therapy sessions are face to face.  We appreciate that therapy can be daunting, especially for young people, and it is absolutely fine to bring a parent or guardian to the session to make things easier, especially for the first few sessions.

We always like to meet our clients face to face for the assessment session, especially if there are any issues of risk that need to be considered.  It may be possible to conduct further therapy sessions over the telephone or via Skype if this is therapeutically appropriate. We’re happy to discuss this with our clients.

How long does therapy take?

This depends on the individual circumstances of the client and their family.  National guidelines are available, advising the approximate number of therapy sessions for a range of psychological difficulties.  However, everyone is different and young people often need extra time to build a good relationship with a therapist.  I am happy to discuss any concerns my clients or their families have about the length and cost of therapy.